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006: promote!

First, thank you to all of you who have added me so far. Now it's time to get more people!

For everyone who makes a post in their journal or a community that they run advertising COMBATABLE GRAPHICS will get a personalized icon with a picture of their choice. You get one icon per post you do...i.e., three posts = three icons.

After you do the/a post, comment here with a link to it and a picture you would like me to icon.
And now some advertising tools... (can you tell i'm the daughter of a saleswoman? haha)

Also, the website is now up! Check it out, link to it if you want to, etc etc. This is my first website of my own, so I'm very proud of it.

Also, if you want to be added so you can view fandom updates & album reviews (which I'm going to get started on as soon as exams are over), then please comment here!

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